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Compenswiss: The due diligence process behind a new private debt allocation

Top 1000 Funds

Recent high profile investor losses under score the importance of due diligence. As Compenswiss looks to mandate new private debt managers, chief investment strategist Frank Juliano talks through due diligence processes at the Swiss pension fund.

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Paine Schwartz in due-diligence for A$1.39bn Costa Group buyout


The post Paine Schwartz in due-diligence for A$1.39bn Costa Group buyout first appeared on AltAssets Private Equity News. Australian fruit and vegetable giant Costa Group has opened its books to private equity house Paine Schwartz Partners following a A$1.39bn buyout offer for the shares it does not already own in the business.


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How to Do Due Diligence When Buying a Business


One of the most crucial steps in the process is performing due diligence. Due diligence is an investigation into the business you’re considering buying to ensure that it’s a viable investment opportunity. Step 4: Evaluate the Market Evaluating the market is another critical step in due diligence.

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Demystifying Due Diligence: An Insider’s Guide to this Important Process

Diamond Consultants

Strategic due diligence. And in the case of due diligence, it’s a process that gets your business where you want it to be. And since tips on air travel and doctor’s visits are beyond the scope of this publication, we’ll focus on what I do know—specifically, strategic due diligence. Going to the doctor.

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Outside Investment Manager Due Diligence & Disclosure (Templates)

XY Planning Network

Investment advisors have a responsibility to perform due diligence on any third party they may recommend to their clients. I've included due diligence questionnaire templates and examples, as well as sample language for your ADV that I share below.

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Taking Due Diligence Beyond Exploration: 6 Important Considerations

Diamond Consultants

When the thought of making a move “gets real,” there’s another level of due diligence that advisors should embark upon. Most advisors consider the process of due diligence to be a disruptive and cumbersome ritual of “meet and greet.” So, what’s “strategic due diligence”? So, what are you to do?

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Angeles Equity Partners adds Gold as VP of operations team

PE Hub

In his role, Gold will support the due diligence process, build and execute value creation plans, and aim to drive the Angeles portfolio companies to their full potential. The post Angeles Equity Partners adds Gold as VP of operations team appeared first on PE Hub.