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TSCP closes sale of Made4net to IKEA; FFL shares exit strategy for HR specialist ProService

PE Hub

We’ve also got a Deep Dive from Obey Martin […] The post TSCP closes sale of Made4net to IKEA; FFL shares exit strategy for HR specialist ProService appeared first on PE Hub. We’ve got deal news to share from Blackstone, TSCP, Enlightenment Capital and Wind Point, thanks to Iris Dorbian’s early morning reporting.

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Private equity groups hunt for new exit strategies as cash piles up

Financial Times M&A

Investors must get creative to get out of ‘a towering backlog’ of older investments and put new funds to work


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3 Tips to Fly Under the Radar While Planning Your B-D or RIA Exit Strategy

XY Planning Network

I cringe as I write the words “how to fly under the radar,” but unfortunately, we live in a world - and you work in an industry - that doesn’t always allow for smooth, transparent, and easy communication about exits and pivots.

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Is It Time to Sell Bitcoin?

The Motley Fool

One day, Bitcoin will hit a peak for this cycle, and it would be a shame to see your portfolio grow, reach some of your financial goals, and then miss an opportunity to lock in gains because you don't have an exit strategy. Again, this is just another reason to have an exit strategy in place.

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Seward & Kissel launches private credit group 

Private Equity Wire

“We are uniquely positioned to serve all participants in the growing private credit markets, supporting them in connection with fund formation, structuring and negotiating a variety of loan and other financing transactions, as well as implementing their exit strategies.”

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How to Successfully Plan for Exiting Your Business


The Business Lifecycle The Early Years In the early years stage, business owners should start thinking about their exit strategy and long-term vision for the business. At this point, owners often have a clearer vision and can make tactical preparations for their future transition by developing a comprehensive exit strategy.

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Will You Regret Claiming Social Security at 62?

The Motley Fool

Some people use Social Security as an exit strategy to escape a stressful job. Not only might claiming Social Security at age 62 leave you with less lifetime income in a situation like this, but you might also start to struggle financially if your savings eventually start to run out on you. What's my job like?