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Expert Tips for Achieving Oversized Investment Returns

Entrepreneur - VC

Anyone who spends any time thinking about investing has at least fantasized about enjoying oversized investment returns a time or two. It’s a concept that’s captured the imagination of investors.

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One Year Returns Don’t Matter

A Wealth of Common Sense

Long-term returns are the only ones that matter but you have to get through a series o. In years like 2022 when everything is going down, you’ll always wish you would’ve taken less risk. In years like 2023 when everything is going up, you’ll always wish you would’ve taken more risk.

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Airbnb predicts return on investment

The Motley Fool

Airbnb said this can help it decide where to spend its advertising money to get a better return on investment, rather than just making "guesses or inferences as to user intent" to make those decisions. The outcomes of these models can then help guide Airbnb's "user acquisition strategies for different home sharing markets."

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Apple Could Return to Growth Later This Year

The Motley Fool

Scheduled to report fiscal third-quarter results on Thursday, investors will be watching to see if Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) inches closer to a return to revenue growth. Returning to growth during such a tough macroeconomic environment would make a great case for the resilience of Apple's business. billion, or 0.2% year-over-year growth.

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How Retailers Are Using Technology to Transform the Product Returns Process into a Customer-Centric Advantage

Entrepreneur - VC

As return rates escalate, the implementation of smart returns technology emerges as a vital strategy, offering a seamless, eco-friendly solution that enhances customer satisfaction while reducing costs and fostering a greener retail landscape.

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Powerful Keensight returns helped firm raise almost €3bn for biggest fund yet


The post Powerful Keensight returns helped firm raise almost €3bn for biggest fund yet first appeared on AltAssets Private Equity News. Technology and healthcare-focused buyout house Keensight Capital has hauled in €2.8bn to close its biggest fund yet.

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Big Tech, Big Returns?

The Big Picture

ytd…” Among the professional economist set, Yardeni & Slok are must-reads in my opinion… The post Big Tech, Big Returns? Excluding them, the market cap of the S&P 500 is up less than 0.1% appeared first on The Big Picture.

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