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How to start guest blogging

Sara Grillo

” Guest blogging is when you write a blog on a one-time or periodic basis for a publication as a way to get known as an expert in a particular subject. Although you usually are not paid for guest blogging, you get exposure to the periodical’s audience – often in the tens of thousands. How do I get started?”

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20 topics for your financial blog

Investment Writing

If you feel frustrated by coming up with topics for your financial blog, the journalist’s five Ws and one H can help. For help with this, read “ WHAT PROBLEM does this blog post solve for them? For help with this, read “ WHAT PROBLEM does this blog post solve for them? Who should inherit your wealth?


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Our Top Blogs of 2023 for Independent Financial Advisors

XY Planning Network

As 2023 comes to a close, we rounded up our top 10 most-viewed blogs published this year. Over the past year, we've published articles written with one purpose in mind: to help independent financial advisors be successful.

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Compliance Best Practices Guide for Financial Advisor Blogs

Indigo Marketing Agency

Financial advisor compliance guidelines might seem insignificant, but as blogging increasingly gains steam as an effective marketing tool, the SEC is watching more and more. It’s true that blogging has become an essential vehicle for financial advisors to connect and engage with clients and potential clients.

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Most Read Blog Posts

A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC

On the USV website, we show the most read blog posts by author. Here are mine : I want to do this for AVC too. I will ask my partner Nick who managed the construction of how he did that and will see if I can get that working on AVC. When you’ve written 8,800 posts, there are sure to be some duds and some great ones.

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Get angry to blog

Investment Writing

Anger can fuel compelling blog posts. Channel your anger into a blog posts that educate readers! The post Get angry to blog appeared first on Susan Weiner Investment Writing. Outraged at the Nazis and Italian Fascists who had bombed this defenseless Spanish town, killing thousands of people. That’s a win-win situation.

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How ChatGPT Can Quickly Solve These Top 5 Blog Writing Mistakes

Entrepreneur - VC

You can elevate your blog creation with ChatGPT. Discover how AI swiftly solves top mistakes in SEO, storytelling and engagement for impactful content.